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By Evan Jones

There's nothing more annoying then psyching yourself up for a large gymnasium session only to arrive at the gymnasium and find it closed. The solution? Join a 24 gymnasium!

twenty-four hour fitness centers used to be rare but are now common-place in most capital cities around the country. The twenty four hour gym concept exploded in the U. S. in the last five years, with the opening of many franchises across the nation. This idea has now extended to heaps of other western countries including Australia. There are now many twenty-four hour gymnasium chains in the Australian market place to choose between. The majority of these franchises offer low costs with no contracts which is a really attractive alternative to consumers over the traditional lock in contract model employed by larger gymnasium operators.

In the opinion of the various consumer complaints agencies around the country, the two industries that consumers whinge about all the time are the mobile telephone industry and the health club industry. This is a direct result of the lock in contracts that both industries employ. These newer twenty-four hour fitness chains directly profit from this complaint by promoting no contracts.The result is a win win for purchasers. A low cost gymnasium option open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week with no lock in agreements.

The majority of the twenty-four hour chains have quality equipment but don't have the giant overhead of all the larger fitness centers. For instance, there is not any aerobics, no pool, and no sauna room. Without these extras, the 24 hour franchises can deliver to the client a great gym experience for a fraction of the cost of the larger fitness centers. Their philosophy is why pay for something you do not use? The great majority of people just need great aerobic and weight exercise gear to get their workout done.

While the majority of folks do not want access to the gymnasium twenty-four hours a day, the fact they can is a gigantic bonus. Just having the ability to use the gym early morning or late evening on a Sunday as an example is so convenient for customers. Most of the larger gymnasiums are shut at this time.

Minimal cost health club memberships with no contracts have been brought to the masses. It's right here and now and Australians are really loving it!

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