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By Sam Kappel

Is sleep apnea weight loss important to your health?

Losing weight while having sleep apnea has been proven to be one of the best ways to cure sleep apnea. Obesity and gaining weight is one of the main factors for getting obstructive sleep apnea. Losing weight for sleep apnea is great for your health and great for treating sleep apnea. It helps you avoid uncomfortable PAP machines or painful surgeries.

1.) The first tip for sleep apnea weight loss is to start a resistance training program. Resistance training helps build lean muscle which burns fat and spikes your metabolism.

2.) Cardio workouts three to five days a week is a great step for losing that sleep apnea weight. Combine your cardio with your resistance training days. This will help maximize your workouts and your overall health benefits.

3.) Getting on the right diet plan that allows you to eat foods you enjoy and lets you ease into it is important. Avoid the fad and crash course diets. These diets set you up for failure and are only short term. Look for a program that can ease you into a lifestyle change.

4.) Find a stress reliever like meditation or deep breathing. Stress causes weight gain and can be a big factor for sleep apnea symptoms. Look for a stress relief that helps you calm and wind down. This will help with overall sleep apnea and also with your weight loss journey.

5.) Drinking four to six liters of fresh clean water is a big step to helping with sleep apnea weight loss. Super hydration has been shown to be one of the best things you can do for your overall health, especially when it comes to losing weight. Start noting how good you feel after super hydrating.

Keep your weight loss journey simple. Sleep apnea weight loss can be very challenging if you do not make it enjoyable, comfortable and simple. Work on taking baby steps and small consistencies to increase your overall health and make this a lifestyle change. Sleep apnea is painful and uncomfortable and the weight loss and treating it is worth it once you make the small everyday changes.

Good luck solving sleep apnea with your weight loss voyage.

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