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By Daniel Lewis

It is the dream of every man to get the desired six pack ripped abs that are hard as a rock. Many men complain that no matter what they do, they cannot seem to get the muscular abdomen that they have always wanted. Well the main reason would be because they are not doing the proper routine. For those who want this kind of body, here are some of the things to do.

A lot of people think that the only thing a person must do is exercise his stomach consistently and eventually it will become toned. Although this is true, it is not just the exercises that count when one wants a toned abdomen. Diet is equally as important as working out.

If one would want a toned body, he must consume a lot of proteins in his diet. Notice that many athletes are required to intake a lot of proteins. Well it is because proteins are the ones responsible for burning the excess fat quickly and forming more muscles. Protein is generally known to have high temperature and can therefore melt away fat fast.

Many people think that consuming carbohydrates is a bad thing because it adds more fat. Well it is true that one will gain some pounds if he eats too much of it. Anything that is consumed in big amounts is really bad for health anyway, that is why eating everything in moderation is the key to having a nice form. Some of the carbohydrates that one must eat are potatoes, brown rice, pasta, or basically any starchy or grainy foods that are healthy for the body.

Contrary to a lot of popular belief, fats are essential in the diet of every person because it can help regulate the level of insulin in the body. Take note that completely taking away fats from the diet is not good at all. Good fats actually can help prevent the build up of excess bad fats and build up energy. Good fats that must be consumed are olive oils, all kinds of nuts, and of course fish oil.

Aside from a good diet, a good exercise routine is also very essential if he would want a toned six pack. First start with the upper abdomen by doing intense plank work outs. Plank exercises are the type of work out that can stretch out the stomach which can make the abs be even more apparent.

As for the lower abdomen, variations of leg raises are really good to burn the fat there. The lower abdomen is actually the hardest part to lose because this is where most of the extra fat from junk food or alcohol go to. So in order to lose this, do hanging leg raises, side leg raises, and other kinds of variations that will burn that part.

So basically, if one would want to get ripped abs, then he should have a stable diet and a constant exercise routine. If he does this for a few months, then he will definitely get the toned body that he would want. All he needs to do is to work hard, work smart, and keep on doing what he is doing.

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