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By Camille Nicholson

The use of fulvic acid supplement started centuries ago. Although a number of things have changed over the years, the acids are still effective for treatment of conditions that they were used to treat during the early years. Evidence shows that the first use was among farmers who discovered that they were very effective in the treatment of various diseases among livestock. These include mastitis in cows and respiratory infections in dogs.

The supplements are derived from humic deposits that are found as deposits either on land or on the sea bed. They consist of decomposed organic plant and animal materials that have been acted upon by millions of microbes. Since the active ingredients are mixed with many other substances, there is a need to take the humus trough an extraction process to obtain the useful ingredients. This is usually done under controlled physical and chemical conditions so as to maintain the bioavailability.

The supplements are used for treatment of a number of diseases in humans. They have been established to have very potent antiviral properties. They prevent the attachment, fusion and entry of viral organisms into host cells. The effect of this is the interference with viral replication. Consequently the number of viruses released into the blood stream falls drastically and the infection resolves.

Another important function is to protect cells from radioactive substances. Elements such as uranium and plutonium often damage the DNA of cells in the body and this interferes with many physiological processes in the body. The acids combine with these elements to form safe complexes that are easily absorbed and eliminated from the body. They also chelate other metallic elements and help in their removal from the body.

They have antioxidant properties that also help in the protection of cellular DNA. They achieve this by scavenging and combining with free radicals such as the superoxide anion, hydroxyl anion and hydrogen peroxide. They therefore make them unreactive and easy to eliminate from the body. The same principle is applied when it comes to the elimination of herbicides and pesticides from the body.

Acid-base homeostasis is another aspect that has been reported to greatly benefit from the use of these substances. The supplements ensure that there is neither excessive acidity nor alkalinity in the body. Acidic pH is associated with low oxygen concentrations. The result of this is increased growth and fermentation of fungal organisms. A more alkaline pH, in contrast, leads to higher oxygen concentrations and hinders the growth of anaerobic organisms.

Another important benefit is a reduction of surface tension between cells. Whenever this happens, the absorption of nutrients is greatly improved. There is also better cellular respiration, hydration and elimination of waste minerals. Another factor that contributes to these benefits is the ability of the acids to maintain electrochemical balance.

The quality of the source is one of the most important things to consider if one wishes to benefit from most of the benefits of fulvic acid supplement. The source must be raw, free of irradiation and unpolluted. A properly selected source will result in a product that has a high bioavailability. Studies show that freshwater is the best source.

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