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By Jessie Atkinson

Did you know that Apples are one of the most popular fruits when it comes to the American diet? If they are not part of your daily diet then you are passing on some great health benefits.

Take for instance the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Taking a closer look at the benefits that this fruit offers might help to open your eyes and improve your overall health.

There are so many apples to choose from, how about the green ones, the red ones, the honey crisp, Fuji, those are just a few. And no matter what, sweet or tart, just about everyone has their favorite.

An interesting fact, apples are of the Rose family of plants and are round and usually have green, red or pink colored skins. You can eat them raw or as some people do, bake them into a pie.

Besides their great taste, they come with an anti-cancer benefit too. They are loaded with flavonoids, especially in their skins, which help to reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and others.

If that is not enough the vitamins and minerals in apples are also said to help reduce your risks of diabetes, lower cholesterol, and help you keep your heart in tiptop shape. The fiber in apples is the key here are it helps keep blood sugars level, binds with fats and removes them, and thus helps to stop plaque from building in the arteries of the heart.

It doesn't stop there either, they also help in protection against Parkinsons and Alzheimers, they also boost your immune system, they stop irritable bowel syndrome, prevent cataracts, help you to control your weight and give you a better overall smile. All of these benefits in one little fruit.

If they are not part of your daily diet, you might want to reconsider. One of the best things you can do is add apples to your daily diet, they don't need any preparation, there is a wide variety and you don't need a fork or a spoon. You can add them to a salad or liven things up and add them to a main dish. You can even make your own healthy smoothie.

They are one of the best fruits that you can add to your daily diet and one of the most tastiest and to top it all off, their all natural.

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