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By Angela Winter

Performing an exercise is much more convenient and comfortable if you are wearing the appropriate type of clothes. Wearing the right kinds of clothes when doing an exercise greatly affects the person's ability to perform and do the exercise. Doing Pilates is also affected by the clothes you wear.

One form of exercise that is easier to do compared to the other kinds of exercise is Pilates. One benefit that a person gets from doing Pilates is mind relaxation. picking the right of clothes when doing Pilates helps to achieve the benefit of mind relaxation.

Below are some factors to be considered when picking up clothes to wear when performing Pilates:

-Wear something that is comfortable. Wearing something comfortable helps a person to focus more in doing the exercise. When you wear something that is uncomfortable it may hinder the individual to perform the exercise properly because he will become preoccupied with the discomfort that he is experiencing with his clothes.

-Clothes that absorbs sweat and at the same time is made of fabric that pulls away the sweat from the body and maximizes sweat evaporation is always recommended to be worn when doing any kind of exercise like Pilates. This kind of fabric provides the opportunity of not retaining heat to the body so it will be more comfortable to wear.

-Wear clothes of the right size and fit. Clothes that are small or big for you affects the way you perform the exercise because you will not be very comfortable when doing the exercise wearing clothes that is not right for your size.

-Pick out your Pilates clothing according to the weather condition. During summer and hot weather, wear exercise clothing that optimizes ventilation and lets your skin breath. During cold weather, choose your Pilates clothing that will protect you from the cold weather. Wearing something that protects your head and ear may be necessary when exercising during cold weather. Whatever the weather is, it is important to wear something that maximizes ventilation, allows your skin to breathe and pulls the sweat away from your body.

-There are clothes that are recommended to be used during performing any kinds of exercise because they provide appropriate support to the body. One example is the sports bra which helps to control your breast from bouncing and swinging uncontrollably which may result in decrease level of performance fo the exercise and may provide discomfort to the person doing the exercise.

-Wear clothes that are light and that hug the body. Same with any other exercise, Pilates exercise is composed of a lot of body movements, bending and stretching, hence, wearing light clothes will aid in you performing the exercise appropriately. Also wearing clothes that hug the body prevent parts of the clothes to flap and swing around while you are doing the exercise and may distract you during your exercise routine.

These are just some things that individuals that want to do Pilates might consider in choosing the right clothing for the exercise. But aside from wearing the proper clothing, there are also other important things to consider and prepare when you want to do Pilates. These things include, mat to be used when performing the exercise, water bottle that is very important to hydrate you when you are exercising and the place where you want to do the exercise.

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