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By Alison Wilcox

Radio listeners across the country have heard of Dr. Bob Marshall healthline, a daily radio program that covers topics about healthy living and nutrition. Hosted by Dr. Bob Marshall, the show informs listeners about ways to live a healthy lifestyle and how to supplement their nutrition for optimal health, well-being and disease prevention. The doctor is very knowledgeable and respected in this field, and offers advice you can trust.

Healthline has been on the air continuously since 1986. Since it started, it has grown and new episodes can now be heard six days a week throughout the country. Listeners will hear about many interesting topics, including immune system health, women's health topics like menopause and PMS, men's issues like prostate health, and topics that concern us all like fatigue and anxiety. Recent topics include acne, digestive support, and bioflavonoids. It's an interactive program - listeners are encouraged to call in and ask about their own concerns and issues.

The doctor's interest in nutrition began when he was young. He became very ill, but no physician at the time was able to diagnose or treat his illness. He was given a year to live and was sent home to await his fate. But the young Dr. Marshall did not accept this prognosis. He researched and worked until he discovered that nutrients can heal us at the cellular level and bring healing to our entire bodies. Many ills can be helped or cured using the gifts we have already abundantly in nature. Using his breakthrough knowledge, he young man was able to return himself to vigorous health and made him determined to share his work with others.

Dr. Marshall decided to continue his education in this field and earned degrees from Purdue and the University of Dayton. He's successfully run his private practice in southern California for thirty years, always earning the respect and gratitude of the patients he helps. He has served as the president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and is a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He's also a very busy speaker and educator.

He also runs a laboratory that produces the products that can bring users to their state of optimal health and well being. At the lab, Dr. Marshall oversees production to ensure quality and purity. He also is continually working to discover newer and better treatments for the illnesses and conditions that plague us.

Dr. Marshall has found the best way to treat any malady is with a whole body cleansing and proper nutrition. But he does not simply sell vitamins and minerals. The laboratory produces an complete line of products, from organic bedding to essential oils. You might find skin creams or nutritional supplements that address any problem you may have, or to help you accomplish any health goal you may have set for yourself. The goal of the doctor is holistic treatment that cleanses and improves the health of the entire body.

Because the treatments developed are so highly regarded and respected, the doctor is in high demand as a speaker and an educator. He regularly holds teaching seminars so that other practitioners can learn and pass this knowledge on to their own patients. These seminars are always full, and are given excellent reviews by those practitioners that attend.

The public is very lucky that Dr. Marshall is so willing to give of his knowledge and he can be accessed six days a week through his radio program Dr. Bob Marshall healthline. Because of his dedication and belief in his work, we do not have to travel to California to be a patient, and anyone can use his advice. If the program at hand does not interest you, past episodes can be listened to online. The field of nutrition is enriched by his giving nature.

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