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By Max Shongr

People that reach their goals all have one thing in common. They chose the training program that fits them and they put in all their effort without any distractions. Be one of these people and you will see amazing results

What is your goal

Look slimmer in your clothes, or more muscular in them or win a race or triathlon. Decide what you want and avoid all distractions.

It is easy to become distracted and loose results. Some people want to perform well in a sport while also losing fat at the same time. This is often not possible since each goal requires a different amount of calories. Keep your mind in focus and you will succeed.

What training program is best?

Choose a program that fits you best. It must suit your goal and fit into your schedule. A simpler program that you stick to is better than a complicated one that you quit. To lose fat focus on shorter rest periods between exercises and perform more cardio. Sprinting is one of the best exercises to burn fat.

Avoiding bad foods is vital to your success.

No matter how much training you do in the gym your body will continue to look the same unless you eat properly. Foods you eat have a effect on your hormones which tell your body to store fat or to burn it. Natural foods are the best. Foods that have been changed from its natural state into a commercial product are probably not good to eat. Also carbohydrates are not the enemy. Eating too much of the bad carbohydrates are the problem.

Put all your hard work into your target goal.

It is common for people to go from one program to the next and then they cant understand why they don't see results. Do the best you can to eliminate all distractions and follow through perfectly. Your results will show when you are able to commit and give it all you have.

This is how you can multiply your results

Have you heard that 100% perfect decisions result in 100% perfect results but 99% perfect decisions result in 70% results. That's the effect of compounding. Each good choice you make has a multiplication effect on the results of your next choice. A bad choice will result not only in bad results now but a knock on effect of your future choices and results. Don't become fanatical but focus and chose wisely.

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